It is a division that acts as the extension of supplier partners and focuses on building the brands through kpi to drive superior distribution and sales.

We enhanced our deep insights into the market consumer and collectively leveraged our respective relationships and specific market knowledge.

We sell and market your portfolio; we develop and activate marketing plans hand to hand with brands marketing strategy

We work on managing the risk for our partners in our region.


Carifrutas offers a delightful range of dried fruits, skillfully crafted in the Dominican Republic. Their product line showcases the rich tropical flavors of the region, with a focus on mangoes, bananas, ripe plantains, and pineapples. Each fruit is carefully selected and processed to retain its natural sweetness and unique texture, offering a healthy and convenient snack option. These dehydrated fruits not only capture the essence of the Caribbean's lush landscapes but also provide a burst of energy and nutrients, making them a favorite among those who appreciate natural, wholesome snacks.



D.ICE is an innovative and premium line of prepackaged ice, meticulously crafted to elevate the cocktail experience. This range includes ice in various shapes and sizes, such as elegant spheres and classic cubes, each designed to complement different types of cocktails. The ice is made using a special process that ensures clarity and purity, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of each drink. The spheres are perfect for slow-melting in fine spirits, preserving the integrity of the drink, while the cubes are ideal for a wide range of mixed drinks, providing a quick chill without diluting the flavors too rapidly. Available in convenient, ready-to-use packages, d.ICE is the perfect accessory for both professional bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of sophistication and functional elegance to their beverages.

Puerto Rico

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